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The Chartist Rambler

David Osmond

Adored by the people of the Monmouthshire valleys, twice gaoled for sedition, burnt in effigy by his former supporters; preacher, baker, bookseller: William Edwards had a turbulent and eventful life during a period when the decayed medieval borough of Newport, reduced to little more than a riverside village, was rapidly growing into the biggest town in South-east Wales.

At Six Points publishers, we have adopted as our name, a popular chant regularly heard at meetings held indoors and outdoors during the early years of Victoria’s reign. Launched 8th May 1838 in London, the People’s Charter gained the support of millions for its six constitutional reforms – a package intended to win the right to vote and turn MPs into delegates of the people.

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Voices for the Vote

R.M. Waycott, L. James, E. Hwyel

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