About Six Points Publishing

At Six Points publishers, we have adopted as our name, a popular chant regularly heard at meetings held indoors and outdoors during the early years of Victoria’s reign. Launched 8th May 1838 in London, the People’s Charter gained the support of millions for its six constitutional reforms – a package intended to win the right to vote and turn MPs into delegates of the people.

Our Aim

To produce and promote high quality books that explore nineteenth century Radicalism, the ideas of Chartism and their historical antecedents, the movement’s context and development into modern times. 

We seek to provide a voice for the diverse and cutting edge research that the Annual Chartist Convention at Newport has ‘platformed’ since 2007 and the ‘Chartist Stories’ that CHARTISM eMAG has trailed since 2013.

We wish to collaborate with interested individuals, historical societies and heritage bodies throughout Wales and beyond. 

Alongside new writing, we plan to publish out-of-print texts. In the immediate future, we are seeking joint projects with Newport Museum & Art Gallery, Monmouth Shire Hall, Gwent Archives and Our Chartist Heritage.  

Our First Book Publication

Available Autumn 2021:
Dr David Osmond, The Chartist Rambler: William Edwards of Newport 1796-1849

Available in November 2022

Peter Strong's new book: The Bristol Connection: the Frost Family and Chartism in Newport and Bristol.

Six Points Future Plans

Future plans include the publication in 2023 of Les James & Sue Allen's book Coal, Beer and Chartism: The World of Zephaniah and Joan Williams; books about Henry Vincent, and also about the less well known south Wales Chartists, such as Jenkin Morgan and John Lovell; a reprint of Rise and Fall of Chartism in Monmouthshire by E. Dowling (1840); a critique of W.N. Johns' The Chartist Riots at Newport, November 1839, (1889); a new version of the Chartist School Pack; and The Chartist Rising Remembered.


Six Points Publishing is brought to you by:

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